What do you propose?

We propose to take all worries about you rental house (villa). We will advertise your house online (AirBnb and others platforms), prepare your house for guests, meet guests, control and arrange payments, maximize your revenue.

How could you help me?

Our goal is to take all the hassle out of hosting and managing an Airbnb property, because we know how tough and time-consuming it can be. We offer 24/7 booking and listing support, as well as 24/7 guest support during their stay. We also hire professional cleaners, after putting them through a hiring process, to make sure a property is always perfectly cleaned and stocked with fresh linens between guests.

What is the price for your service?

We propose 2 basic models of cooperation. The most popular service is a full management (online marketing and off-line management). When we work by such scheme, we receive 20% and more from every sum, which guests pay for rent of your house. For example, rental rate of your house is 1 million rupiah per night. That means, you receive 800.000, we receive 200.000. We receive our percentage only after payment by guest.

What will be my income per month?

Likely more, than now! And obviously more, comparing with income, which you receive, when rent out you dwelling by month or by year. You will have many guests for short-term rent, and they will pay by hotel rates. If your house has a good location, condition, usually we ensure occupancy more than 60%. Usually owners, who cooperate with us, get income at 50-100% more in comparison with monthly or annual rental. The tourists who come for short periods, pay more than tenants, who rent by year. We’ll register a personal account for you at such popular web-sites such as AirBnb, HomeAway or take your account for management, if it already exists. We will define prices according to competitiveness for ensuring the maximum number of bookings by maximum rate. We will constantly control prices, to lure guests stay in your house as often as possible. But at the same time together with you we define the reasonable minimal price per night.

How do you define a rental rate for my house?

The contemporary online-platforms for booking, which are widely popular among the tourist nowadays, analyze prices and propose rate to increase a chances for renting out of accommodation. Those prices are constantly changing, depending from season, demand, numbers of not-booked days, review ratings, prices of your competitors and many others factors. When we set the price, we rely on automatic algorithm and others aspects, such as: reviews, view from the window, design and interior and other. Our experience affords us to find the best price for booking.

Who pay for the electricity and the gas?

The current spending such as electricity, gas, water, laundry, and also spending at the current problems (sewerage, electricity, air conditioner, vermin, etc.) are paying by owner. You can do it by yourself or delegate these tasks to us. If you charge it to us, in the end of the month we prepare report and withhold our spending from your part of reimbursement of guests.

Could you guarantee, that I will receive a good income every month?

We receive income only if guests book your house. Such type of cooperation usually calls “win-win”: the both sides are interested in result. At the same time we can’t guarantee any minimal sum of income per month.

How will I receive money?

Usually we use AirBnb payment hub. It allows to transfer money at your bank account, Payoneer card or PayPal.

How can I control how many you receive from guests?

You will have full access to your account on Airbnb, and you can always check all payments.

How could we start to work with your company?

You have to:
- sign a contract with us;
- fill the form;
- provide documents: ID, SIM (foreigners please ask);

What are the requirements for my house?

Your house must be in good condition: not old, with clean walls and without insects. Minimum required equipment includes: bed, wardrobe; plates, cups, cutlery, glasses, pots, pans, kettle; bed linen and towels (2 sets), pillows; wi-fi.

I don’t have professional photos of house. Will you make a photo shooting?

Yes, for free.

How can I lure more guests?

1. The plenty of Bali houses are not appealing for tourists just because they don’t have few details such as dishes at the kitchen, the cozy lamp near the bedroom, creative photos or paints, etc. Decorate your house according with European standards of living and you will have more guests. We help do it for free.

2. Ask real prices for your house and manage prices. There are too many houses for rent today at the Bali, and guests always have a choice. If you prices are higher, than market prices, guests likely will book another house. I can meet guests by myself and cater about them.

Could you help me only with online marketing (house promotion in the Internet)?

Yes. We can manage and promote your house in Internet, if your house has a potential. If so, our service fee is just 15%.

I’m not owner of house, I just rented house for few years (months). Could you help me?


How can I control you?

You always can login to your Airbnb account and see how many guests paid you. Also every month we provide report.

I can list my villa on AirBnb by myself. Why do I need your services?

Our services are typically used by those who can`t look after their own villa, because live in another place or busy at work full day. We also help to those who are not well speak English, not confident Internet user, or has insufficient number of guests.

I can rent out the villa for six months or a year. Why do I need your services?

If you rent out for long-term, you will lose money. If you use our service, you will not have worries about the villa, but your income will be at 50-100% higher.

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